About Edunesia

EduNesia is an educational platform that serves as a home for formal and non-formal institutions, catering to students, university students, and the entire Indonesian community, enabling them to utilize digital or interactive online learning to enhance their knowledge, skills, and educational levels, thereby contributing towards building a smarter and more superior nation.

EduNesia provides convenience for pursuing education online, so that the entire Indonesian community from Sabang to Merauke receives cutting-edge educational services, including for those in the 3T regions: Outermost, Remote, and Underdeveloped.

EduNesia also features support for the goals of interactive online learning, such as self-paced learning systems, online discussion groups, high-quality instructional videos, live sessions, learning progress reports, and certificates.

Enriching the Nation's Life with EduNesia

Our Vision

EduNesia's vision is to enrich every Indonesian individual through education that is appropriate, high-quality, affordable, and based on modern technology.

Our Mission

To achieve this vision, EduNesia's mission is formulated based on laws and regulations.

Our Team in EduNesia

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