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Empowering Talented Minds for Corporate Growth

Employee development becomes a paramount success factor in driving corporate growth when talented minds are empowered to flourish within an organization. The journey of employee development extends beyond recruitment and induction, it encompasses continuous learning and growth throughout their career.
Embracing their strengths and capabilities, employees are empowered to take initiative and contribute their best, amplifying their potential to exceptional heights. With Edunesia as your partner in talent development, your organization unlocks the true potential of your workforce and paves the way to remarkable achievements.

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Our Valueable Solutions


Easy to Implement and Adoption in one package Solutions with dedicated expertise individuals and complete high standard tools for Defining Syllabi, Content Production and Learning process delivery


Training time will not use working time, No commute, Micro Learning (5-20 minutes video), Optimized cost and Speed-up Training Delivery and Process.


Course design aligns with your company’s strength, fully customized company-wise, standardizes courses related to company direction, expectations, and goals.


Dashboard and Report with indicator design for easy spot current condition of learning process and progress (commitment, Focus, endurance, determination of learner)

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How It Works


Our experts will conduct a defining process, interviewing and assessing suitable syllabi, and completing course designs, including the instructor, for your employee development according to your strengths, culture, goals, and direction of your company.


Our Production House will produce course materials (videos, documents, modules, system delivery setup, and input) according to approved course designs with high-standard quality results.


Our Team will do a customization branding (Your own domain, your own approved design) will setup master data of your employees and attached courses and program to the position. Your employee can start training process.

Our Clients Story

Join our satisfied client, Taxprime (Tax & Customs Consulting Firm), as they unlock the true potential of their workforce through our platform. Taxprime with more than 250 employees in 4 divisions and 9 layers of positions, benefited immensely from our tailored approach. We helped them to produce materials suitable for every title and position within each division, standardizing employee skill sets systematically. Today, Taxprime employees access relevant material and subject courses that enhance their potential to support their daily job functions, driving efficiency and excellence.

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Defining Price will be determined by workload and client’s requirement.

Production Price will be determined by workload and client’s requirement.

Delivery Pricing by Edunesia Employee Development Platform

Delivery Pricing by Edunesia Employee Development Platform

Small Pack

Up To 50 Learners


/ Month

Medium Pack

Up To 100 Learners


/ Month

Large Pack

Up To 200 Learners


/ Month


Empower Minds,
Drive Growth!

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we empower talented minds for corporate growth.

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